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Customised solutions
Database Business Solutions is a small software development company, located in Auckland, New Zealand. We maintain a team of highly skilled and effective programmers to develop sophisticated design software for the glass and aluminium industries. However, our ability to create easy to use solutions for very complex problems would be equally valuable in other technically demanding industries.

Enthusiastic and skilled developers
We choose quality over quantity every time. Here at Database Business Solutions we pride ourselves on listening to our customers, and being a small company means that chances are when you contact us you'll be able to reach someone that really knows what's going on. We don't just write software, we build solutions.

Cutting edge development tools
Building world class applications requires a world class set of tools. That's why we use Borland Delphi, widely recognised as the most powerful and yet streamlined development tool for Microsoft Windows. We have extended our capabilities even further by carefully selecting the best third party Delphi component sets to provide an extremely sophisticated development environment. Scalability, security and most importantly the safety of our customer's data are guaranteed by using the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server for our database needs.

A flexible and optimised framework
Even more important than picking the right tools is using them in the right way. A huge amount of effort has been expended within Delphi and SQL Server to develop a powerful and reusable application framework. This framework underpins all of our applications and allows us to easily incorporate new functionality from one project across our whole product range. Having written this framework ourselves means that we are not constrained by it and can easily adapt it to new application styles to meet your requirements.

Please email us at info@dbsolutions.co.nz to discuss your requirements further.

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