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Shopfronts Online: Screenshots
"Making designing frameless glass shopfronts intuitive"
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Taking the complexity out of designing shopfronts:
Shopfronts Online is the world leading software specifically engineered for designing and installing frameless glass enclosures. Designed with contributions from world leading companies in the frameless glass industry, Shopfronts Online offers unparalleled usability and control. Shopfronts Online builds upon the proven technology of Showers Online and adds an intuitive interface to meet the requirements of shop front design and installation.

Reliability ensured:
Shopfronts are increasing in complexity at a phenomenal rate with new and innovative fixtures and fittings appearing in the market place almost daily, not to mention increasing levels of customer sophistication. With increasing complexity comes the increased risk that costly mistakes will slip through even the most stringent of quality processes. Shopfronts Online takes care of this and calculates final glass sizes and displays detailed information, including hinge and handle locations, mitres and much more.

Fast and configurable:
Templates allow many common configurations to be easily and quickly reused. Simply populate with your measurements from the field, choose your fittings and you are done. Building your own customised enclosure is a simple matter of clicking on elements from a palette of panel styles. Double click a panel to quickly add it to the right hand end of your Shopfront, or drag a panel into a gap to insert it between two panels. You can just as easily drag onto an existing panel to change its type.

Unlimited opportunity:
Like all our other software products Shopfronts Online can be configured to suit any organisation from a single stand alone computer through to multiple branches accessing a central server. Remote access allows you to have your sales staff in various geographical locations and still maintain the same level of transparency you would have if you were in the same building.

Key features:
  • Drag and Drop panels to design your enclosure
  • 3D drawing of your enclosure at design time
  • Calculates final glass sizes and cutting
  • Generates detailed quote/installation/glass order/hardware order sheet
  • Centralizes all data for easy retrieval and analysis
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