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"Software to make designing frameless showers easy and reliable"
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Showers made easy
Showers Online is powerful design software specifically engineered for use in the frameless glass industry. Built to fill a niche it was soon apparent that Showers Online was revolutionary. Since its inception, Showers Online has been quickly adopted by the leading shower design, installation, and fittings companies in New Zealand, Australia and North America.

Save time and eliminate costly mistakes
Complex frameless showers that once would take an hour or more to manually calculate can now be designed in minutes - and without errors! Showers Online calculates final glass sizes and displays detailed information, including hinge and handle locations, mitres and much more. Showers Online is tailored to work with almost any shower enclosure configuration and is not restricted to predefined templates. Intelligent (and configurable) defaults will design an entire shower from just basic dimensions and hardware selections. Naturally these decisions can be overridden for that special customer who wants their shower to be different.

Real time feed back
During the entire design process, 3D and elevation views of the shower provide constant feedback. Flip the hinge edge of a door and see the hardware automatically adjust to the correct positions. Once your design is completed you can produce a detailed glass order including cut-out sizes and positions. This drawing can be faxed or even emailed directly to the glass fabricator. Another click of a button produces an installation sheet which details wall and floor slopes, the clearance gaps between and around the glass panels and any special instructions for the shower installer.

Reliability ensured
Bi-fold doors can be complicated when it comes to designing an enclosure. With Showers Online Bi-fold doors can be generated by simply selecting them from a drop down menu. No detail of your enclosure is ever forgotten. Intelligent software generates warnings when your structure is inconsistent or incomplete. Simply click on a warning and you are directed to the problem immediately.

Key features:
  • Provides detailed quotes
  • Provides detailed installation instructions
  • Accurately calculates correct glass sizes and all hardware locations, cut-outs and gaps
  • Start a new job by copying any previously designed shower to save even more time
  • Online version allows access from any computer with an internet connection
  • Can be integrated into GlassPro for the complete office solution
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